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Welcome to M.A.Q Group of Company

Over 120+ Countries we export to.

Welcome to M.A.Q Group of Company.

We provide high quality buffalo meat products and offals

Our expertise in the meat business started by Miyajaan Abdul Gani Qureshi, the founder of the company dates back to the 20th century. The Manufacturer of Crushed Bone, Gel Bone, Meat and Bone Meal, buffalo Tallow & cattle trading business began long back in 1945.

The growth of the business took place under the inspiration and guidance of Miyajaan Abdul Gani Qureshi . His sons Tahir Miyajaan Qureshi & Chand Miyajaan Qureshi continued the business after his sad demise in the year 1976.

The business was thereafter looked by Mohd Adil Qureshi & Mohd Nazim Tahir Qureshi grandson's of Miyajaan Qureshi who continued As the director & managing director of the company he has control over the finance as well as on the entire group business dealings and healthy business strategies, so as to win the hearts of the clients. We deliver our products on a timely basis.

By the grace of Allah (s.w.t) the business has risen on a broad spectrum .

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